Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wednesdays Trade Recap

Evening all,

Today ES chopped around the Bull Bear area for the most part of the morning, however failed to really establish any momentum on the downside with a low of around -400 on the Tick. Therefore any breaks and retests of the bull bear to the upside in this bullish environment would be good opportunity's on exhaustion type internals.  This occurred with some Internal exhaustion for a long from 12.25 area. Balanced target as tweeted was 17.

The second opportunity came with a short from the flip of the bull bear zone. ES shifted momentum to the downside and pulled back to 10.25 for a short opportunity, targeting the 08-06 resistance and then the balanced target of 03s.  However due to the R2R on this trade i can understand if people skipped it due to the quick scale at 08 needed.

The final Trade opportunity today was the long from the 08-06 level. This level required a good intraday setup and with exhaustion shown on the internals and slight strength when  we reached this level a long could have been taken around 08 first targeting 10.25 and then 11s.

Hopefully some people managed to get some points today after the choppy start.

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