Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday February 27th Trade Plan and Levels

Morning Guys,

Today we will be using 09.25-11.25 as out bull bear zone. Above here ES can go back to test the highs around 17.25-19.25. Shorts can work from here on a good intraday setup even with the bullish nature of the market currently. Above here we have 25-27 resistance which is a good place to scale out of any longs, If ES breaks above 19.25 then we could see a directional move for ES and with no real resistance shorts are not a great option.

Below the Bull Bear zone we have support at 98.75-00.75 where we would need to see a good intraday setup due to this area being tested already. Below this we have 92.50-94.50 where id expect buyers on first test and then below this we have 81-83.

Thanks and Happy Trading.

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