Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Monday February 23rd Trade Recap

Morning guys,

Yesterday's Plan stated that as long as ES stayed above the 99-01 zone that bulls would still be firmly in control and that we should be cautious on the short side.

On balance days like this the best idea is to get long below the value and trade into value and short/ or cover all your position above value.

ES provided us with two opportunity's to get long today at the 99-01 Bull Bear zone, Targeting the VPOC on the day and then the higher end of todays profile or the Gap Fill. Internally ES showed no real momentum either way, especially when we tested the bull bear zone with exhaustion type action internally on both tests of this area, meaning that longs could be executed on both tests.

Today was a case of identifying that the day was going to be one of balance by using the profile as your guide and then getting good trade location from the zone and taking profits quicker than if you were to anticipate a break out day.

News on the premium service will be on here this week and the service will include the in depth pre market trade plan and levels, plus a daily recap with an in depth look at the days action.


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