Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday 9th February Levels and Trade Plan


Today we will use 52.75-54.75 as the bull bear zone. Below this ES should test 38.5-39.50 where we would need a good intraday setup to go long here. We then have 33.75-35.75 where we should see buyers on first test and then 28-30 where again id expect buyers on first test. If ES gets below here we could see liquidation to 21. But we would have to judge that in real time.

Above the B/B zone today ES should continue on to 64.75-66.75 where id expect to see some sellers on 1st test. Above here Bulls would really be in control and 85.50-87.50 would be the final upside target.

Hypo one today would be for ES to test Support levels and then head back to b/b.

Thanks for the continued feedback and i will reply to all emails within this next week.



  1. Odd....your RTH profile from Friday is not the same as mine(IQfeed). Mine had VPOC shift down to 2050 late in the day Friday.

    1. Settings may be a little different. Doesnt change anything though, both areas are high volume.