Saturday, February 21, 2015

Friday Recap

Hey guys,

Two Trade Opportunity's presented themselves on friday as per the trade plan.

The first was the initial short from the 92-94 bull bear zone off the open, when ES reached here we showed good internal exhaustion on a short time frame to execute a short position targeting the 82-84 area.

The second trade opportunity was the flush down to the 82-84 where we saw a lack of downside momentum here and ES seemed to be running out of steam internally so a long here could have been executed targeting the 92-94 Bull Bear zone.

Unfortunately ES did not pull back to the 94 area once it had broken it on the upside so unless you still had a runner on from 84 there was no real way of getting into the market for the bigger run from my point of view.

On the downside at resistance, ES was in full breakout mode on bullish internals with no lack of momentum and so no shorts were to be executed here as was said in the pre market plan.

I will in the near future be launching a Premium Service, which will include all the In depth Pre - Market Analysis, Levels and Trade Plan, PLUS in depth post market reviews along with other potential features which are in the pipeline. If you are interested in receiving any news on this upcoming service, please register your interest by Contacting Us on the right of the screen or by emailing me at and i will get back to you with news on this when it comes about. Alternatively check out the blog regularly as i will post any new announcements on here.

This will be the last week of the free pre market trade plan and daily recap. A premium version will be available starting in March. This will include the in depth pre market levels and trade plan along with a In depth Recap, looking at the potential trades in the day and looking more at the Market internals analysis that we can look for during the day.


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