Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wednesday 25th February Levels and Trade Plan

Morning Guys,

Today we will be using 10.25-12.25 as our Bull Bear area, from here we will be able to identify a bias in the short term.  If ES can hold above here then this is very bullish and should go on to reach 19-21 and even 25-27 targets.

Below here we should test 06-08 where we would need a good setup to get long. Below here ES could liquidate down to 98.5-00.50 where id expect to see buyers on first test. Then we have 94. 25-92.25 which could cap selling on the day time frame.

Overall today I think we could see some two sided action if ES gets below 10.25. ES has no hard resistance at all time highs so resistance should be used as targets for longs, and only shorted on perfect setups when ES is showing Exhaustion and Weakness.

Our Premium service will be available as of Monday so look out for more news on how to keep receiving these plans and recaps within the coming days.


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