Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tuesday Trade Review

Here is the recap from today's trading day.

This mornings trade plan stated that 'we will be using 83.50-85.50 as our bull bear zone and above here bulls are significantly in control' ES held above here all day and tested higher targets.

Today we opened below resistance and traded into 91 for a potential short back to gap fill.  This was a first test early on in the day and there was shorter time frame exhaustion on the internals. ES then found value higher and on twitter I said that ES had a balanced target of 94 and needed to hold the 88-89 zone. When ES dropped into here there was a potential intraday long targeting 94.

Es then tested 98.25 resistance which required internal exhaustion and so there was a short opportunity here, As ES built value here we had scale opportunity's at 95.25 and 93.75. As ES value was higher at the time and we had bullish context as we were above 85.50 when the ES broke down to yesterdays highs and we had a low $Tick of the day there was another long opportunity here.Targeting a scale at 96.25

Hope you find this recap helpful.



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