Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday 20th February Levels and Trade Plan


Today we will be using 92-94 as our Bull Bear Zone, Below here ES should retest the low of this 5 day balance around 82-84. A long here would have to be judged in real time. Below here ES could Liquidate to 77.75-75.75 and lower to 67-65. A break of this 5 day balance could turn into a trend type scenaio either direction so we must be cautious going against this if ES looks like it may be breaking out.

Above the BB zone we have 02.25-04 and 06.75-07.75. The first of these could be a great short opportunity if ES attempts to break out and fails. Targeting back to value, however above this we must short with extreme caution as ES could reach, 11.5-13.5 on good internals.

So in conclusion today is all about judging what is going on early in the day, Are we breaking out on good internals? Have to got a failed breakout? or are we going to stay within balance.

I will in the near future be launching a Premium Service, which will include all the In depth Pre - Market Analysis, Levels and Trade Plan, PLUS in depth post market reviews along with other potential features which are in the pipeline. If you are interested in receiving any news on this upcoming service, please register your interest by Contacting Us on the right of the screen or by emailing me at and i will get back to you with news on this when it comes about. Alternatively check out the blog regularly as i will post any new announcements on here.

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