Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wednesday Trade Review (FOMC)

Evening guys,

Today's trade plan stated that above 88-90 bull were in control and that played out throughout the day, it also stated that we should expect two sided action which is what we got pre fomc.

4 Potential Trade setups on the day, First long at 90, was a first test of the Bull Bear zone and the internals were showing a short term strength against the intial down move. So a long targeting an initial balanced target of 94 could have been executed here. On the second test of the B/B zone the internals again we much stronger than the ES and another long at 90 could have been executed with a target of around 93 initially. Then finally ES had built value higher and pre fomc retested the bb zone with a nice exhaustion of the NYSE TICK so a third long could have been executed there we caution of the FOMC Announcment, Balanced target being 96.

The final potential setup today was the first test of the 95.50-97.50 zone which had confluence with the Balanced Target on the day and was a good short outside of value back into it at 92s.

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Thanks and Trade well.

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  1. that sounds great - i look forward to it