Friday, February 27, 2015

Thursdays Trade Recap


Yesterday we had 10.25-12.25 as out bull bear zone, the trade plan said that a hold below here could bring the 08-06 and 00.50-98.50 zones into play. Off the open ES failed to show any upwards momentum and so  a short off the first test of the bull bear zone would have been valid as TICK was failing to get any real positive readings. This short should have been targeting scales at 06-08, 03s( yesterdays imbalance repair, and the finally the 00.50 zone which we did not reach on the day time frame.

ES then retested the BB later in the day for another potential short as we again saw no swing in momentum to the upside internally after taking out the then high of the day. Targets for this would have again been the same as previously.

ES fell just short of the 00.50 zone which would have been a long on first test if it had reached it as downside exhaustion occurred internally. However we must only use the internals as a confirmation at good trade location.

Look out for news today on the premium service launching.


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