Monday, February 2, 2015

2nd February Levels and Trade Plan


Today if we get to within 1 tick of the zone can we just do the decent thing and hand it off to Lynch please. Anyway onto trading.....

Today we will be using 97-99 as out bull bear zone. Above this ES Needs to break above 02-04 to potentially see upside targets of 21-23 where id expect to see selling on first test. If ES gets above here then we could see 33.75-35.75 which could cap buying on the day time frame.

Below the bull bear zone ES should test 80-82, If this breaks then ES could liquidate to 67-69 and then 56.75-58.75 and potentially even 49-51, if we break out and the internals are signally a trend type scenario. Any longs below 80-82 today should be judged in real time.

Happy Trading.

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