Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Thursday 18th December Trade Plan and Levels

Well FOMC was fun. Buying was capped at the 09-11 zone after coming back to retest the bull bear zone which proved to be key in determining the directional bias for the day.

So here we have our levels for Thursday.

We will be using 85.75-87.75 as our Bull Bear zone today. If ES can hold above here we should retest 09-11. This zone is resistance but will be tested for a third time so i would expect us to potentially break above here and test higher. Our higher zones are 20.5-22.5 and 33-35. If we do break out of balance be i would be very cautious shorting and would only do so on clearly weak internals.  We may even reach 45-47 if ES really breakouts of balance.

If ES can go down to test the bull bear zone and the break and hold below it then we could simply go back into a balance type scenario of two way trading and id expect buyers at the 65.5-67.5 zone and the 56.50-58.50.

Happy trading.


  1. Sucks when a major gap steals the show, but still nice rotation at levels even during globex

  2. Thanks, yes the whole plan was executed in globex. Not ideal really.