Saturday, December 20, 2014

Monday 22nd December Trade Plan and Levels.

Happy Holiday Week!

Im sure some will be having the whole week off but here are today's levels and trade plan.

We will be using 66.25-68.25 as todays Bull Bear zone. If buyers can hold above here were should be able to test the upper resistance zones that are 82.25-84.25 and 96.25-68.25. Both of whcich could provide good rotation. 

If sellers take ES below the Bull Bear an below Fridays Value at 63.75 then we could see the support zones at 49-51 and 41.5-43.5 both of which i would expect to see buyers on first test. If ES can push below this then i would expect us to cap selling at 32.5-34.5 on the day time frame. 

Happy trading!

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