Monday, December 8, 2014

Market Levels and plan 12/09

Morning people. ES was certainly volatile yesterday as buyers failed to get above yesterdays bull bear area we set out in yesterdays plan and liquidated on 2nd test of our 1st support zone as stated yesterday.

So going into today....

We will be using the 58.50- 60 area to determine who is in control today.  This is where yesterdays VPOC was as although we are heavily imbalanced to the downside this is where sellers will need to defend if they are going to continue to drop the ES into support areas. If sellers can defend this area then we have the first support at 49.50 to 51.50 which is currently being tested in Globex so may not be as strong support in RTH, so we will need to see a good setup here to get long. This is a great place to get out of shorts.

Next down we have the 43.50-46 zone.Which should be a good place to get long on 1st test. Then finally 33 -35 which could cap the selling today if tested. Automatic long for me in most scenarios.

On the upside. If ES can break above the bull bear zone. My first area of resistance is 66.50 - 68.50 which i think could see sellers on 1st test. 73 - 75 is then the next area of potential upside resistance and with buyer firmly in control up here i would need a good setup to short here. A break above this should see us get to new highs and hit the above resistance zones which for me are automatic shorts on the day time frame.

Good luck and Happy trading.

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