Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Wednesday 17th December trade plan and Levels for ES

Good day folks.

I've had a few questions from people asking about chatting privately about trading. But after some thought if you have any trading questions comment on here and I can try and answer them as best I can for everyone to see.

Here are today's levels.

We will be using 85-87.5 for today's bull bear zone. If ES can spend some time below here we should see a test of lower levels. This is also a great final target for longs if we get a set up.

Our support zones are 56.50-58.50 where we should see buyers on first test. Along with 51-53. If buyers cannot defend any of these levels on the day time frame i really could see us liquidating to 35-37 which really isn't out out reach given current volatility.

On the upside if ES can break above the bull bear and hold we have 98.75-01, and then 09-11. I would expect sellers on first test of these levels,.

Happy trading.

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