Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday 19th December Levels and Trade Plan

After ES ramped yesterday here are today levels....

We will be using 66.75-68.75 as the bull bear to determine short term bias.

Below this we have support zones @ 60.25-62.25 which could provide good long opportunity, however we would need a good setup as this has already been tested in globex.
Next we have 49-51 and 32.5-34.50 which i would expect to see buyers on first test of both of these.

Above the bull bear zone really we have 73-75 which is a good place to exit longs, we would need a great setup here to short as we have tested this already in globex and at these levels we are extremely bullish. Next up we have 84.50-86.50 and 99-01. These areas can be good spots to short with a good setup.

Happy Trading.

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