Sunday, December 14, 2014

Monday 15th ES trade plan and levels

A new week is ahead of us.

Here are Mondays levels.

We will be using 98 - 2000 as our bull bear zone today. A break above this and buyers could take us to the breakout of the balance from last week at 2026. However we may see responsive sellers at the 08.75-10.75 area. A good setup would be needed to short here. If buyers do take us into last weeks range expect to see sellers at 33-35 and finally 45-47.

The downside scenarios as follows. If sellers hold us below the bull bear today we will be expected to continue our value transition to 1970's. However buyers can still be active at support zones 81-82.5, 74-76 and finally 67.5 to 69.50 which should cap selling if we get down there on the day time frame.

Have a good trading day!


  1. Excellent plan again today, took some work around the 08.75-10.75 resistance, but 81-82.5 and 74-76 both provided good to amazing rotation. Keep up the good work :)

  2. Thanks. Yes, with opening so close to resistance imo you have always got to be careful trading so close to the open as it can always run zones easily with little to no exhaustion. Yes some great long opportunities today with some good internal divergent down at those levels. Especially the 74-76 zone as you say. Hope you traded well and thanks again.