Friday, December 12, 2014

December 12th Trade Plan and Levels

All Levels posted from this point forward will be for the ESH5 March Contract.

So today. We have our bull bear zone at 21-23 as this is the potential break out area from the recent short term balance bulls will need to get above this area for a test of the above value.

Above the b/b zone we have resistance at 35.75 - 37.75. This could attract selling on first test  but due to the bullish scenario playing out up here we would need a good setup to short this. The next resistance we have is at 45 -47. This is basically where sellers rejected value yesterday as i would expect to see selling on first test of this zone.

Below the b/b zone we have support at 08- 06, which could be a good area to scale out of potential shorts. Then we have 97.5 - 2000. which could cap selling today. Do be aware though that if sellers can hold below the bull bear zone to day we could liquidate to the 98 area so be cautious going long above here.

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Happy trading.


  1. Really enjoyed comparing my levels to yours, also you had a great read on the market this week. Well done

  2. Thank you. Glad you are following and it is coming in handy. Bring on this next week!