Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Wednesday 01 April 2015 Levels and Trade Plan

Today we will be using 2066.25 as our Bull Bear line in the sand. Below here we have support at 2051.50 - 2049.50 and we would require an intraday setup to buy this area. If we break lower i would expect buyers on first test of the next support zone at 2036.50 - 2034.50 however i would still want to see an intraday setup as this area was tested on 26/03/2015

If we open and break higher we have resistance at 2072.25 - 2070.25 then 2080.50 - 2078.50. Both these areas would require an intraday setup to take a short. Failing that we have 2097.25 - 2095.25 where i would expect sellers on first test and cap the upside.

Es looks like it will open today under yesterdays Value Area Low with a small gap to the downside. If this is the case we may see a continuation downwards so caution is definitely required buying early in the session.

Happy Trading

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