Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday 20th April Trade Plan and Levels

Mornings guys,

Today we will be using 73.75-75.75 as our bull bear zone, If ES can stay above here then we can test 81.75-83.75 where with a good intraday setup we may see shorts. If ES can Trade Above here in RTH we can see a total V reversal from fridays low and test 94.25-96.25 and 98-00, where id expect to see sellers.

If ES can trade below 73.75 in rth then id expect us to test 64-66 where we would need a good intraday setup to get long. Below here we could see ES Liquidate to 48-50 where id expect to see buyers.

Note, IF ES opens above 79.50 and trades higher ES can trend higher so caution at the 81.75-83.75 resistance. IF ES opens above 83.75 then we can lean on 83.75-81.75 as support with a good intraday setup.

Happy Trading.

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