Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday 10th April Trade Plan and Levels


Yesterday ES finally managed to break out and close above the balance we had been in.  So today we will be using the 80.75-82.75 area as our bull bear zone, ES must try and hold above here to go on and potential trend up to higher targets of 95-97, 03.25-05.25 and 09-11. Shorts at these levels must be a perfect intraday setup as ES is break out and could be directional on the day time frame.

If ES breaks below 80.75 then we can see buyers at all support levels below, 77.25-75.25 and 66-64. Each could provide could risk to reward on the long side.

To summarise it is very bullish if ES can hold above 80.75-82.75 and for bears to take back some control we really need to get below 75.25.

Happy Trading.

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