Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wednesday 15th April trade plan and levels

Trade Plan and Levels Wednesday 15th April 2015

Today we will open the RTH session above yesterdays value area setting a bullish context. There is quite a large number of support resistance zones today so it will be important to wait for a good intraday setup before taking a position.

We will be using 93.50-91.50 as the bull bear above here buyers should be firmly in control especially with an open above value. We have resistance at 00.25 - 98.25 and 05.25 - 03.25. We would definitely want to see a solid intraday setup to short these levels given the bullish open. If we can break below the bull bear we have support at 89-87 and 82.50-80.50. If ES can break below these supports we may see a liquidation move back into the previous balance area with the next significant support at 66.50-64.50.

In summary watch today's open and if we open above 91.50 and trade higher we may see an upward move so caution fading resistance.

Happy trading

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  1. Missing your trade plans for thursday and friday, hopefully you'll be back soon