Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tuesday March 3rd Trade Plan and Levels

Morning guys,

Today we will be using 09-11 as our area to determine bias. Above here ES can go on to test 17.25-19.25, here we must see a good intraday setup as ES could breakout above here on good internals and head for all time highs and the 25-27 area. As there is no hard resistance up here we need to be cautious shorting and use these areas more as targets than full position shorts.

Below 09-11 ES can go back to retest 99-01, here we can still see buying on a good intraday setup although this has been tested multiple times. Below here ES could break down to 92.5-94.5 where we could see buying on the day time frame.

Yesterdays recap will be up today at some point.

Happy Trading.

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