Thursday, March 5, 2015

Friday 06th March Levels and Trade Plan (NFP)

Evening guys,

So i am going to get these levels out now for any one who wishes to trade NFP tomorrow.
We will be using 99-01 as our bull bear zone. Below here we have 93-95, if ES can break below here we can head to 81-83 support which is a good buy on first test..

Above the Bull Bear zone we have 04.25-05.75, 08-10 and finally 14.25-16.25.

Dependent on where ES is when NFP number comes out any one of these can be good resistance with a good exhausted, extended move to the upiside. If ES does clear 08-10 then 14.25 could be a good short on first test with targets first at 08-10 and then back to where ES started its news related move.

ES often returns to the scene of the crime on news based moves and NFP is no different.

Trade Well.

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