Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thursday 26th March Levels and Trade Plan


Today we will be using 51.50 to 53.50 as our Bull Bear zone. ES needs to get above here and into yesterdays range for bulls to get some control back after yesterday and the globex session overnight.  If ES can get above here we can get to 64-66 where we can see sellers on first test. Above here ES can get to 81-83 and could retrace yesterdays move in an extreme scenario.

If ES fails to get above 51.50-53.50 then we can see ES test 41.50-43.50 and 34.25-36.25 which were tested in globex but could see rotation in RTH after the trend day of yesterday. Below here we can test 20.5-22.5.

Overall bears still in control below 51.50, and we could see a rotational type day around these levels with a slight downside edge. Above 53.50 we could see some upward momentum come into play, trading in yesterdays Value.

Happy Trading.

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