Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tuesday 17th Levels and Trade Plan


Today we will use 65-67 as our Bull Bear zone. If ES can hold below here we will look for the ES to go back into 46.50-48.50 where we would need to see a good intraday setup to go long here. We then have 42-43 support where we could see buying on first test and then 35.25-37.25 where id expect to see buying on first test. This could cap the downside.

Above 67 ES can go on to test 77.25-78.25 and then 81.50-83.50 where id expect to see selling on first test. Above 83.50 ES could break out to 93.25-95.25 where id expect to see selling on first test and this could cap the upside breakout.

Happy Trading.


  1. I'd hate to jinx it, but my favorite days are when we open near your b/b zone and a previous nvpoc. Our previous day's vpoc's varied slightly due to data providers (yours appears to be inside the b/b zone vs mine just below) but either way, great setup