Sunday, January 25, 2015

Monday January 26th ES levels and Trade Plan

Morning all,

For Monday we have our bull bear zone at 38.25-40.25. If ES can hold above this then we can go back to test 52-54 where we would need to judge in real time is this is a good short opportunity. If ES breaks above here we are likely to head to 65.25-67.25 where we could see responsive sellers. Above here we have 75.75-77.75. NOTE above 52-54 ES could breakout to highs and we could see a trend scenario.

Below the bull bear zone we have support at 33.5-35.5 where we could see buying, then we have 24.75-26.75 where i would expect responsive buyers and below that we have 13.5-15.5.

Happy Trading


  1. Nailed the globex low and the RTH low so far. Please let me know when you start a live chat room, whether it's official or just something on skype, I'll be there in a heartbeat

  2. Im on twitter if you have any questions. I have no place for a chat room.

  3. Hello HT.

    I was wondering what you saw at 33/35. Was it a composite LVN at 34.50? If so, why not the composite lvn at 31.50? Just wondering for my learning process.


    btw, I'm learning a lot by looking at your levels, and then the charts to try to see what you are keying on.


  4. Hey JLR, email me on the above address so i can go into more detail if needed. Thanks.