Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday 16th Levels and Trade plan.


Today we will use 91.75-93.75 as the bull bear zone. Below this ES needs to hold above 80-82 or we could liquidate to 67-69 where we could see buyers on first test. Below this then we have 62.75. If ES gets below this then bears could run this hard as this would be a bigger picture breakout. So id be cautious on longs below here unless we get good exhaustion into the lower levels which are , 56.75-58.75 and 49-51.

Above the bull bear zone we have resistance at 15-17 where id expect sellers on first test, above that we have 25.25-27.25.

Happy Trading.


  1. Very nice plan. It's helping me to learn on my own.

  2. Can I email you? it will come from Dan A.